Realistic masks directly from the movie industry

realistic latex mask

Some cineasts might have asked themselves, how the professional make-up artists from hollywood are able to change a face to an extend, that one is not able anymore to recognize the person behind the mask. This realistic masking is usually achieved with special latex parts, which are custom made for the actors. This whole procedure is very time consuming and laborious, with the makeup artist often working several hours to complete a realistic disguise. This special latex applications are usually only usuable once and has to be made for each and every day of shooting.

An alternative to this routine are the easy to use, over the head mask made from latex or foamlatex. Their advantage lies in the relatively easy usage, because no latex parts have to be applied to the face using skin glue. Movie fans are now able to disguise themselves without the need of a makeup artist, by using a special effect latex mask, which are similiar to the ones used in movie productions. These masks can be used over and over again. The realistic full head masks are made from very flexible foam latex, lightweight and available in a standard, one size fits all size. Depending on the fit to the head and the selective usage of a little bit of skin glue, the appearance gets even more lifelike. The change of face can be achieved within seconds using those high quality masks; family and friends alike will struggle to recognize the wearer. This effect is supported by the structure and color tone of the masks, which are similiar to real skin. Take a look at some examples yourself:

realistic mask
photorealistic mask
lifelike latex mask

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