Creating a distinctive music star image using a duck mask and a flamingo suit

Quite frequently, someone inside the huge music business comes up with the idea of putting a news artist in a new and unique outfit, so that the consumer will not be having difficulties remembering the up and coming star. A popular way of doing so is putting an animal mask on the head of the performer. In the past, this worked quite well with Peter Fox (chimp mask) or Cro (panda mask), both by now well known artists in Germany. Presently, it looks like it may work as well with an artist going under the name ‘Ingo ohne Flamingo’. Besides wearing a quite inelegant suit with flamingo prints an eye-catching, very yellow duck mask defines the outfit he chose to wear while performing.

Even though his currently most succesful song (with the title translating to something along the lines of “Booze: in the morning, at noon, in the evening”) isn’t really first class, in an intellectual sense, it is still having huge success with certain people: a video clip of the song has generated the staggering number of over 11 million hits on Youtube and has become something like the unofficial carnival anthem 2018 in german speaking countries. Doubtlessly, the success has to do something with the catchy melody and the simple lyrics, both of which can be chanted easily even when totally drunk. A real party hit, tailor made for Germany, the land of poets and thinkers.

Shortly after the song and music video became widely known, the duck mask used by the artist ‘Ingo ohne Flamingo’ became a sought after costume accesory, which sold out fast everywhere. A few of the duck masks from latex can still be bought here though:

Please note: a duck mask like the one used in the video has large seeing holes directly above the orange beak and the eyes are painted dark black (check the image below for reference).

maske ente entenmaske

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