Top 10 Most Popular Animal Masks

Animal masks that are made from rubber latex often make for an impressive yet easy-to-assemble and relatively affordable costume. With just one costume piece (the mask), the end result is a disguise that will undoubtedly impress whether you find yourself at a festival or a Halloween party. Although there appears to be limited offerings of high quality animal masks on the market, there are some that definitely stand out in the mix. Having said that, the aim of this post is to show you our top 10 best animal masks. Without further ado, here goes:

10. Dolphin Mask

The dolphin mask is probably the “cutest” one in our collection. Whether your goal is to come to the party as the cute dolphin everybody wants to play with or simply to bring some ocean flavor to the gathering, you can’t go wrong with this unique and eye-catching dolphin head mask. Complete with a set of teeth, go all out with your costume by donning an all-gray outfit and creating makeshift fins and a tail. You are sure to warrant some attention in this get-up!

9. Crocodile Mask

Whether you have always had secret dreams of being the slippery, slimy creature that everyone dreads will attack them on their late night dips at the lake or you simply think a crocodile mask would make for a “killer” costume piece, you would be right on target with your goal with this piece. Truly lifelike in appearance, you will surely have people thinking twice about whether they are actually sitting next to a crocodile pretending to be a human… or a human pretending to be a crocodile. Let us know how it goes.

8. Turtle Mask

A fan of this behemoth? The turtle mask is perfect for creating a suitable costume. The look on this turtle mask’s face is truly captivating. It is almost as if you could get lost in its eyes. Without a doubt, this mask is sure to make a lot of heads turn.

7. Shark Mask

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. One of the most popular masks among this humble collection, people have different reasons for picking this shark mask out and they are all valid. From having a fascination for sharks to wanting to make other people’s hair stand up on end, this mask has definitely helped many achieve their goals. There is no shortage of teeth on them and fittingly so, as this mask is going to provide you with a lot of bite at your event.

6. Donkey Mask

Feeling “asinine”? This donkey mask is one of the more unique masks in this shuffle. With it, you can easily play the donkey part and perhaps secure a role in the Nativity scene for that upcoming Christmas play? The possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure: this realistic mask is going to have you thinking twice when you look in the mirror. Don’t forget who you really are…

5. Parrot Mask

Polly wants a cracker. Or you want a cracker. Whatever. When you put on this parrot mask, you can count on it becoming you. Fiery red in color, with this mask you can be sure that you will not get lost in the crowd or encounter somebody wearing the same thing. It is simply the perfect costume choice whether your event is bird-themed, animal-themed, forest-themed, or whatever-themed. Squawk, squawk…

4. Fox Mask

Looking to audition for the sequel to Fantastic Mr. Fox? Doing a staging of Aesop’s fables in class? Or maybe you just want to show up at the party as the stealthy, sneaky, smart animal that outsmarts everybody else in the bunch? Look no further as you have found the mask that will help you accomplish just that with this gorgeous green-eyed piece. Stay foxy…

3. Rooster Mask

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Why not show up to that upcoming event as a rooster and have everybody rise and shine as they find out who the real star of the party is? With its bright red color and attractive features, you are sure to stand out among the crowd in this head-turning mask. Be sure to stop by KFC afterwards…

2. Chimp Mask

This chimp mask is made to look as realistic as possible. Although a bit pricey, it features an astonishing paint job as well as fur like hair that make this mask relatively close to the natural ante-type. It can be complemented with a simple banana to create a really cool costume.

1. Horse Mask

Best known in association with the infamous “Horse Boy” that mysteriously appeared several times in Google Street View, this mask doesn’t fail to impress. The amazingly realistic appearance of the horse mask is augmented by the rich details: the designer of the mask thought of adding the horse mane with artificial hair, making this our absolute favorite. With three different types of horse masks to choose from (brown horse mask, black horse mask, and white horse mask), you are spoiled for choice.

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