How to take care of a mask made from latex

Well, when it comes about any event, so what we all want to do is to pick a look which makes us unique and different from others. This mostly happens in our school, college, and university life where we have to attend parties and events like Halloween and all.

But how can you go and attend Halloween party without wearing a mask? For this, latex masks are one of the main and essential tools that play an important role in these parties as it gives you a look according to your desire. But what if your latex mask is not as same as it was to be? Or like what if you just wear your latex mask at once and now it is not in a position to wear it again?
Before writing this, I was surfing on the net and reading a lot about latex masks, so one thing or you can say that one complain which I noticed a lot is the complains about mask protection and its long-lasting durability.

To consider this, today in this article, I try to counter this issue and give you solutions and ideas through which you can protect your mask and increase the level of its durability according to your desire. So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and explore the facts together.

Few tricks through which you can make your latex mask last longer.

1. Make sure to keep it inside its bag:
One of the main reasons is that people forget to place the mask inside the bag. Let me clear you one thing that latex masks are very sensitive. Do you know why it has come along with its bag? The reason behind this is, latex masks are very sensitive to ozone, oxygen, tobacco smoke, and even to air pollutants as well.
Keeping it outside from its bag means you are allowing losing your mask elasticity and that’s why in the result of this, your masks might become brittle, shapeless, mushy, or tear easily. But please let your mask airdry before putting it back into the plastic bag, because otherwise you could get a problem with mould on the mask. Keep the storage bag open in order for better air circulation. Avoid any pressure on the mask, it should definitely be stored loosely. Alternatively, the mask can also be placed on a wig stand.

2. Save it from perspiration and sweat:
Well, the second main thing is to keep your mask save from any sweating and perspiration conditions. The reason behind this is, sweating contains oil plus also contains bacteria in itself and your latex mask is made up from rubber, and for rubber sweating or bacteria both are harmful so make sure to keep your mask dry. After using the mask, if necessary, you could clean it with water and a mild handwash soap. Then let the mask airdry. Please refer to the usage instructions as provided by the manufacturer of the mask.

3. Avoid UV-Light:
We all are aware that UV- sunlight is harmful to all of us. Even we can’t stay longer outside on a sunny day as it directly affects on our skin and makes it burn, same it goes with the latex masks. Sunlight contains spectrum and ultraviolet light which can easily turn your mask paint fade. Or even worse, it will let your latex detoriate much faster, eventually the latex will lose its elasticity and stability (also known as latex cancer), which will make it break or rip apart. So make sure to keep your mask save from any sunlight, when not in use.

4. Don’t use combs and sprays on your masks:
The following instructions are applicable if you own a latex mask with attached hair. People think that using a comb on your masks hair gives your mask a new look and make your masks hair perfect. But unfortunately no, it will not happen like this, doing a comb on your masks hair means you are ruining your masks hair, use bristle boar brush.
Secondly, people also spray on it as it looks dirty, so please never ever spray on your masks hair if you want them to stay longer. I am saying this because sprays contain chemicals which can easily affect your mask, for cleaning and protection use an appropriate hair spray or a damp cloth for cleaning your mask.

At last, make sure to avoid oil paints on your face, use water paint instead of oil paints, avoid to put any kind of oil, Vaseline and petroleum on your mask and also on your face during the time of mask-wearing. Avoid using any cosmetic, moisturizing creams, keep your mask away from heat, and lastly don’t crush or fold your mask.
Following these guidelines will help you out to make your latex masks last for a long time.


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