Freaky videos featuring realistic masks

It is not secret that one is able to disguise oneself in a relatively lifelike manner with latex masks. Nevertheless, this has once again been proved impressively by an italian amateur film-maker. He decided to personate three fictional characters from Genoa, Italy. Therefor, he used three different masks to give each character a distinct appearance. It has to be noted that the person behind the masks is always the same. The resulting video clips are felicitous and cool in their own, special way.

Unfortunately, the monologue in the videos are only available in italian, so we are going to give you a short introduction of the persons to be seen. The person in the first video above, ‘Giuseppe Maria Asmodeus’, is the new managing director of the local television channel. He could be described as a totally manic psychopath, who is exploiting his position to dupe the local people in a unscrupulous manner.

The marquis ‘Giovanni Battista Cadenasso’ is a principled man, descendant of an old noble genoese family. He is the gray eminence behind Giuseppe Maria Asmodeus, supporting him with enormous amounts of money and being able to manipulate the media this way. He is a very dangerous man, so to speak the dictator of the information monopoly.

Professor ‘Gennaro Cusano’. He has made it to his personal task to bring the racketeering of his opponents to an end. Seems to be necessary in italy from time to time…

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