A ‘Swine flu’ mask as a costume idea for carnival?

This years carnival season will be kicked off by the fools on the 11th of November at 11:11 hours by escalading of the german town halls. As usual, the mayors necktie will be cut on this occasion. This year, all the fun might be overshadowed by fear of the currently rampant swine flu. Participants of major carnival events run the risk of being infected, as the swine flu virus H1N1 is easily passed on in large crowds. However, most of the people will not be stopped by this.

Anyone wanting to protect himself and simultaneously wants to costume himself with a nice costume should consider costuming himself as a surgeon or surgical nurse, as those costumes might be complemented with special medical masks. These masks help to reduce the risk of infection via the respiratory system and can usually be bought for example in a pharmacy or in internet shops.

Another, rather ghoulish costume with added protection are gas masks. Actually, it is not that uncommon to wear gas masks in public, at least not in the Ukraine, one of the places hit hardest by the swine flu. Another, possible costume trend would be a disguise using a pig head mask. Such a pig head mask made out of foam latex is a very good tool to counter swine flu in a humoristic way. Albeit being an excellent costume idea for carnival, it has to be noted that such a mask does not offer any protection against the flu.

Anyhow, we advice you not to be in a bad mood just because of the potential danges of the swine flu and wish you a easygoing and cheerful carnival season.

by scdr
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