Dress up like dance act ‘Baba Yega’ with latex mask and costume

With spin-offs in dozens of countries, “Got Talent” is said to be the one of the most succesful and widespread contemporary TV formats. Unlikely other shows giving skilled or semi skilled newcomers a chance to present themselves, not only singers but also a wide range of other artistic categories are featured.

Under normal cirumstances, we wouldn’t mention this in this blog, as it dones’t belongs really here, but the current winners of the belgian “Got Talent” show broadcasted by the TV channel VTM make things a little bit different. A group calling himself “Baba Yega” impressed with their stunning and skillful dance moves, and created a mystery around their identities by wearing unique and lifelike latex masks during their performances, making all the 5 dancers look exactly the same. Many Baba Yega fans asked who is behind the masked dancing act. This secret has recently been revealed by the Belgian press, for further reading please read here:

To get a glimpse of their performance and the effect achieved by the masks worn, take a look at the videos below. At their first appearances at Belgium Got Talent 2016, Baba Yega used a soft latex mask in skin color. Later the latex mask was replaced by a more realistic looking silicone mask, that covers head and chest. The silicone mask was custom made for Baba Yega, so it is not available for sale to public. However, if you was thinking to wear a Baba Yega costume for this years carnival, the latex mask that was used in the first shows is available for sale here: http://www.mask-shop.com/en/strange-face-flexible-latex-mask-554.html
Simply combine the latex mask with an oldschool track suit or a jumpsuit, rehearse some dance moves, and then you are ready for an unique appearance for street carnival. Such a Baba Yega style costume should have a high recognition value in Belgium and the Netherlands. But please be careful when wearing a latex mask, there is a risk of injury due to limited visibility and hearing.

Baba Yega’s first appearance at Belgium Got Talent 2016

Baba Yega 2nd performance

Baba Yega unmasking

Baba Yega winner of Belgium Got Talent 2016

Baba Yega Tour Belgium performance at Bocca Destelbergen

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