Taking a look behind the curtains of a latex mask factory

Traditionally, during the year of the election of the President of the USA, latex masks depicting the candidates are in high demand.
Estimates and experience shows that combined sales numbers for masks of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will reach around a million
pieces. A chinese factory producing these masks for large american retailers has opened their doors to the press in an effort to get some
news coverage and free advertisement. As a nice side effect, we can take a look behind the curtain of a latex mask factory.

Beside a CCTV video linked to above, the Boston Globe has published a series of pictures showing some of the manufacturing steps that are
necessary to create such masks. The interesting pictures include views of the sculptor creating the negative for the molds of the masks,
views of the molds, raw and unpainted masks, workers coloring the masks via airbrush, quality checks of finished latex masks and piles of
used molds.


by scdr
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