“The robber” – New movie featuring latex masks

Usually, realistic latex masks are used for honest motive, such as costuming for Halloween or Carnival. Surprisingly, there there seem to have been other, illegal uses from time to time, as we have found out recently while watching a new movie in the cinema called “Die Räuber” that is based on real events. The film, that was awarded a famed Bavarian Film Award for Best Director is based on a book written by Martin Prinz, who described the deeds of a certain Johann Kastenberg, better known by his nickname “Pumpgun Ronnie”.

Johann Kastenberger was an austrian bank robber, killer and passionate marathon runner. He gained doubtful fame in early 1988 when he robbed 6 different banks within 4 weeks, 3 of them within one day. While doing so, he was armed with a pumpgun and masked with a realistic mask made from latex. Because of his ability to run long distances without problems he was always able to escape the police. There was not enough evidence to convict him because he always commited the crimes masked. Only several month later he could be arrested because the investigators were able to link him to the crimes based on past delicts he was already jailed for. All in all, not a bad film i would recommend to anyone.

Links to the trailer and the official homepage can be found below.


by scdr
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